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Clifford Arbor: The Seduction of Raven Peters by Sam Crescent

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He hated himself but he truly believed he could kil her. How can I fucking calm down? My so-called wife is out there with my younger brother doing God knows what and you want me to calm the fuck down? Fuck you, Harley. Harley swallowed against the lump in his throat. Seeing his best friend crazy with worry scared him. He loved this guy and seeing him losing it just plain broke him.

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Harley dropped to his knees before him, taking his face in his hands. His shoulders slumped, his eyes watering as the tears fell, his entire body giving up. After a week-long trip to Las Vegas two years ago, Jackson had come back to Clifford Arbor with a pocket full of money and a wife.

Patricia was beautiful. She had all the makings of the next Helen of Troy. Only Patricia was a malicious, conniving, brutal woman who enjoyed watching other people suffer. This was not the time to make his attraction known to his best friend. He was supposed to go with him to Vegas where Harley was going to tell him how he felt but instead a busted knee postponed his confession. Then Patricia happened.

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Some days the attraction was too much for him to bear. Make me forget. His heart stopped for a split second before he let out a nervous chuckle. Jackson leaned in close and kissed him directly on the lips. He leaned into him, his hands dropping from Jackson, taking control, kissing him with all the pent up lust and love from the last three years.

It was enough to start a fire. Harley realized he needed to stop this. This was his way of forgetting about his brother and his wife. Jackson simply kissed his fingers.

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I always have and I always will. I already have the divorce papers for her to sign. I want her out of my life, Harley. At lunch he sought out the two Jeffrey boys, Carl and Edward, warning them away from his woman. There were people in town that cared for him and would do anything to make sure he never got hurt by anyone again. People would watch out for Jackson's interests.

It was just a relief. He knew in his gut Harley felt the same way. What the hell was going on? No one should have this effect on a man no matter how well stacked or good looking they were. Carl Jeffrey came by to see me and told me what you threatened.

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He came to confirm I felt the same way about the delectable Raven Peters and to double check I would slice off his balls and feed them to the fish if he came near her. Surely you feel it, too. Want her in your life, in your bed? I hope she wants us both. Stop bringing her up," Jackson warned. She has nothing on us. She threatened to post all of the naughty pictures of him and Jackson together if he didn't pay what she wanted.

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Clearly she wanted his soul. Everyone in town knows about us.


Those pictures could taint their image of him. Harley stood beside him, beer in hand. Too much time had been spent dwelling on the past. No matter which way he looked at it, Patricia was always going to screw with his emotions. The only power she would have was the power she thought she owned. And Jackson was going to start by making his and Harley's future involved the woman over in that house. Chapter Three Raven drenched the omelet she was preparing with lots of Swiss cheese and was about to put it under the grill when her doorbell rang.

Clifford Arbor: The Seduction of Raven Peters by Sam Crescent

She shoved it under the grill, intending to ignore the door. The doorbell went off again. Standing by the open grill, her stomach rumbled from the aromatic smells wafting up. She loved her cheese golden and crispy. Not chef material but certainly her material. Whoever was out there refused to take a hint. Raven checked under the grill to see how her dinner was doing before she ran to the door. She checked through the peep hole and stopped, shocked. Harley was standing on her porch with a bunch of white roses.

Why is my sexy neighbor standing on my doorstep with white roses? Too high pitched and way too happy. She glanced down at the floor squeezing her eyes shut taking a tiny second before she glanced back up.