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Eius in obitu nostro praesentia muniamur! This is a reference to the saint being a Patron of a Happy Death along with St. May the dragon never be my overlord! V ade r etro S atana! N unquam s uade m ihi v ana! S unt m ala q uae l ibas. I pse v enena b ibas! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil.

Drink the poison yourself! Though lay people, and most priests, are forbidden to conduct exorcisms, they are permitted to use the St. Benedict Medal to ward off evil. One is allowed to:. Benedict's particular patronage based on his death of which Pope St. Gregory the Great A. Six days before [Benedict] left this world, he gave orders to have his sepulcher opened, and forthwith falling into an ague, he began with burning heat to wax faint; and when as the sickness daily increased, upon the sixth day he commanded his monks to carry him into the oratory, where he did arm himself receiving the Body and Blood of our Savior Christ; and having his weak body held up betwixt the hands of his disciples, he stood with his own hands lifted up to heaven; and as he was in that manner praying, he gave up his spirit.

Benedict Medal combination and commends his soul to God's care and protection.

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Benedict medal may be blessed by any bishop, abbot, priest or deacon, not necessarily a Benedictine Instr. However, I was on a quest, and I can be pretty obstinate when I want to be. I was in Umbria doing research for a novel I'm writing and wanted to make sure I saw Norcia. This monastery is located near the ruins of the house where St.

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Benedict and his sister St. Scholastica lived. The abbot was gracious enough to give me a handful of them with the admonition that I should be generous in giving them to people in spiritual need. I bring them wherever I go. Like all sacramentals, this medal serves to remind us of God and His place in our lives. It reminds us to serve Him and love our neighbor. To be clear, the medal has no power in and of itself. It is, after all, only so much aluminum or silver. To act as if it's magical is sacrilege and assuredly the best way to make sure you don't receive its spiritual benefits.

Rather, its graces and favors are due to our faith in the Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer, to the efficacious prayers of St. Benedict, James and to the abundant blessings which the Church has bestowed upon those who wear and pray with the Medal. We are assured extraordinary favors by combining the medal with special devotions in honor of St. Gretchen is a Lay Dominican with a passion for fostering an increase in Catholic faith and devotion. After receiving her M. She lives and works in the Diocese of Charlotte. Share this article: 2 0 0 13 7. Oct 06, By Gretchen Filz 32 Comments.

Recommended for you. Comments Julianne O'Neil says. Ruth Dawkins says. Cass says. Praying to stop hale and storms in lancing Michigan may 17, 18, 19, 2p Denise Garcia says. We are on a plane waiting for the thunderstorm to pass it has lightning. Catherine says. My young child and I are praying hard tonight. The roads are closed, the walls and foundation of our house are shaking.

Thank you for this powerful prayer. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen. Oh I see make the sign of the cross God, by whose power all things grow to maturity, and once mature retain their strength, reach out your right hand to this boy girl who is afflicted at this tender age. Let him her regain health, grow up to manhood womanhood , and serve you in gratitude and fidelity all the days of his her life; through Christ our Lord.

Merciful God and Father, our unalloyed comfort, who, having the interests of your creatures at heart, are inclined in your goodness to bestow the grace of healing not only on the soul but on the body as well; be pleased to raise up this sick child from his her bed of suffering, and to return him her in full health to your Church and to his her parents. May he she then throughout the days of his her life, as he she advances in favor and knowledge in your sight and that of men, serve you in righteousness and holiness, and render you due thanks for your goodness; through Christ our Lord. God, who in a marvelous way have disposed the ministries of angels and of men, mercifully grant that the life on earth of this boy girl may be under the protection of those who minister to you in heaven; through Christ our Lord.

They shall lay their hands upon the sick and all will be well with them.

Saint Benedict Medal

May Jesus, Son of Mary, Lord and Savior of the world, through the merits and intercession of His holy apostles Peter and Paul and all His saints, show you favor and mercy. If he wishes, the priest may add the following passage from the Gospel, depending on the child's condition and the desire of the parents:. As the priest says "The beginning," etc. The people are to be informed of the day, the time, and the church where the papal blessing will be given. When they are assembled in church a short and edifying instruction should be delivered to them in order to arouse a spirit of devotion and compunction.

After this the priest, vested in surplice and white stole, kneels at the altar and implores God's help as follows he is not assisted by anyone :. P: Lord, save your people. All: And bless your inheritance. Almighty and merciful God, grant us your aid from your holy place, and graciously hear the prayers of these people who humbly ask for pardon of their sins, and look for your blessing and your grace. Kindly reach out your right hand over them, and pour out your blessing in fullest measure, that fortified with your gifts they may come to everlasting life and happiness; through Christ our Lord.

He then goes to the corner of the altar-steps at the epistle side, and blesses the people with one sign of the cross, saying in a clear voice:. Priests who enjoy the faculty of imparting the papal blessing are obliged to observe the prescribed form, and may use this faculty only in the church designated.

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They may not use it on the same day or in the same city or place on and in which a bishop imparts it. If the Brief states that the papal blessing with plenary indulgence at the end of a sermon is to be given with a crucifix- -i. And to us, your servants, be pleased to give everlasting grace together with creature needs, thus enabling us to praise and glorify and offer thanks to your holy name; through Christ our Lord.

God, our refuge and our strength and source of all goodness, heed the holy prayers of your Church, and grant that we fully obtain whatever we ask for in faith; through Christ our Lord.

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Almighty everlasting God, who helped the illustrious St. Antony to emerge unscathed from the many temptations that beset him in this world; help also your servants to grow in virtue by his noble example, and to be delivered from the ever-present dangers of this life by his merits and intercession; through Christ our Lord. Antony deliver them from all evil; through Christ our Lord. God, who supplied even dumb animals to lighten man's toil, we humbly entreat you to preserve these creatures for our use, since without them mankind cannot subsist; through Christ our Lord.

Let the devil's power over them be utterly abolished, and do you, Lord, protect their life and health against recurrent sickness; through Christ our Lord. Have pity on us, Lord, we beg you, and turn away every scourge from your faithful. Rid our beasts of the dread sickness that is destroying them, so that we who are justly punished when we go astray may feel your gracious mercy when we repent; through Christ our Lord. Let your holy altars be adorned with the fruit of their industry. And let your faithful people, resplendent in silken apparel, acknowledge you with heartfelt praise as the donor of every good.

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We ask this of you who, with your only-begotten Son and the Holy Spirit, live and reign forever and ever. The priest vests in surplice and purple stole, and coming to the field or place infested with these creatures, says:. We entreat you, Lord, be pleased to hear our prayers; and even though we rightly deserve, on account of our sins, this plague of mice or locusts, worms, etc. Let this plague be expelled by your power, and our land and fields be left fertile, so that all it produces redound to your glory and serve our necessities; through Christ our Lord.

Almighty everlasting God, the donor of all good things, and the most merciful pardoner of our sins; before whom all creatures bow down in adoration, those in heaven, on earth, and below the earth; preserve us sinners by your might, that whatever we undertake with trust in your protection may meet with success by your grace.

And now as we utter a curse on these noxious pests, may they be cursed by you; as we seek to destroy them, may they be destroyed by you; as we seek to exterminate them, may they be exterminated by you; so that delivered from this plague by your goodness, we may freely offer thanks to your majesty; through Christ our Lord.

May you speedily be banished from our land and fields, lingering here no longer, but passing on to places where you can do no harm. In the name of the almighty God and the entire heavenly court, as well as in the name of the holy Church of God, we pronounce a curse on you, that wherever you go you may be cursed, decreasing from day to day until you are obliterated. Let no remnant of you remain anywhere, except what might be necessary for the welfare and use of mankind.

Be pleased to grant our request, you who are coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. God, from whom every good thing takes its start and receives its steady and full growth; grant, we beg of you, that what we commence for the glory of your name may be carried to completion by the ever-present aid of your fatherly wisdom; through Christ our Lord. May this blessing remain on this place and on those who live here now and always. A pastor or another priest may wish to sprinkle with holy water a particular home or the homes of the faithful in general.

On entering the home he says:. Antiphon: Purify me with hyssop, Lord, and I shall be clean of sin.

Scholastica vs. Macrina the Younger

P: Ant. Hear us, holy Lord and Father, almighty everlasting God, and in your goodness send your holy angel from heaven to watch over and protect all who live in this home, to be with them and give them comfort and encouragement; through Christ our Lord. Pour out on them, Lord, heavenly dew in good measure, as well as an abundance of earthly needs. Mercifully listen to their prayers, and grant that their desires be fulfilled.