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Other useful definitions will help you to understand how a vision and learning evaluation is different from a primary eye care appointment. This is the term used to describe myopia nearsightedness , hyperopia farsightedness and astigmatism. Hyperopia farsightedness is a measure of how much focusing effort is required to see clearly in the distance with a greater amount of effort needed for near visual tasks.

Vision Therapy Changed Kathy's Life

Depending on how much effort is required to see clearly, hyperopia can result in blurred vision. Astigmatism is an optically induced blur for far and near objects and nearsightedness is when the eyes are in focus for close objects only.

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This is a description of how clearly one sees detail. The bottom number represents what is normally seen at that distance.

It does not reveal how effortless it is to see clearly, if both eyes work together, or if a person can understand what they are seeing. The ability to move your eyes from spot to spot such as when you are reading or many activities in the classroom or fixate and follow such as when playing sports.

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The ability to look close up, make it clear, sustain clarity over time and change focus rapidly from near objects to far ones. Coordinating the two eyes so they work together at near and far effortlessly and with good depth perception.

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  4. This is the basic ability to see subtle differences amongst similar objects. This is the foundation for Pattern Recognition.

    The Vision & Learning Project

    Being able to determine what the whole item would be when only part of it is identifiable. Being able to come to logical conclusions based on limited information. Being able to control and organize newly acquired information, to match previously learned information with current situations, and to plan and create future events or consider future possibilities — such as solutions to problems being able to understand the intention of the individual who used written language to express facts, ideas or intentions.

    A sequence of neurosensory and neuromuscular activities individually prescribed and monitored by the doctor to develop, rehabilitate, and enhance visual efficiency skills and visual processing. To find a board certified doctor that provides Developmental Vision and Rehabilitation please visit the websites below.

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    Wendy Beth Rosen. Katie Johnson. See It. Say It. Do It! Blogs VisionHelp Re-train the visual brain Definitions These definitions can help you to better understand what developmental optometrists will be testing for during the evaluation and treatment. However, eye muscles are 60x stronger than necessary.

    Experience How Vision Therapy Changes Lives: Meet Jillian and Robin Benoit

    Unless there is another condition causing a nerve problem or trauma that caused muscle damage, it is often a problem with the brains ability to control the eye or eyes. We often think that vision happens in our eyes, but both seeing and controlling the eyes happens in the BRAIN.

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    Each eye independently has its own:. The occipital lobe located at the back of the brain is where the ability to see with both eyes simultaneously occurs, but every part of the brain is involved in making the 2 eyes work together. The brain has a challenging job- it is like taking 2 independent tennis players and making them into a doubles team. Each person has their own style and abilities, but in order for them to be successful they must both work equally and coordinate their movements in order to win a match. They may be able to make adjustments on their own, but for the 2 players to become a successful team, they need a coach guiding and directing their movements.