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Labor of Love also celebrates the Toledos' world of two highly talented artists working in synergy. Their combined work over the past 30 years both inside and outside the art world has resulted in a highly personal visual language with a diverse and cohesive rhythm. Together the couple created costumes and scenography for the Broadway musical After Midnight for which Isabel Toledo received a Tony nomination for costume design.

Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating

The cumulative experience of a large exhibition and the discovery of works in a variety of galleries will introduce visitors to the power and poetry of the Toledos' collaborative working methods. AP — It has never been more difficult to be an official in college football. Those who do it face relentless, often uninformed criticism and attacks on their credibility.

Complaints from fans armed with DVR, fueled by sports-talk instigators and amplified by social media, have become so intense the Southeastern Conference is exploring ways to publicly push back. And the job — a part-time job at that — has never required more time and effort. Yet Quick is back for more, and he joined Grantis Bell, Phillip Davenport and five other veteran football officials this spring in Athens to give members of the media a crash course in how the job actually works.

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When Quick started, crews were seven people. Now there are eight on the field, two in the replay booth and three more manning the video center review at the conference office.

College football officials travel to the site of a Saturday game on Friday. Dinner and meetings Friday night last hours. On Saturday, the crew does another hours of prep and film in the morning before heading to the stadium two hours before kickoff.

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They survey the field, make sure players behave during warmups and meet briefly with head coaches. After a game that can last three hours at least comes what could be the toughest part of the day: The review session with a game day observer on site that can take 45 minutes to two hours.

A labour of love What's the meaning of the phrase 'A labour of love'?

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Work undertaken for the pleasure of it or for the benefit of a loved one. What's the origin of the phrase 'A labour of love'?