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The Nursery. All in Ones. Moses Basket. Note: David Copperfield covers a huge time span, from late Georgian and Regency to early Victorian years, from Dickens's birth year to David Copperfield's marriage to Agnes and the birth of their first child. The key to any Jane Austen adaptation is finding the perfect balance of romantic yearning and savage, satirical wit. Austen's Emma has these two qualities at their most exquisite and tantalizing, and this BBC adaptation from serves the novel with complete satisfaction.

Delightful Doran Godwin captures not only the title character's good nature and resilient will, but also her exasperating self-satisfaction and ungovernable manipulative impulses. Believing herself to be acting in everyone's best interests, Emma takes the lower-class Harriet Smith Debbie Bowen under her wing and sets out to find the girl a suitable husband, disregarding what havoc she wreaks along the way.

Her foolish father Donald Eccles cannot temper Emma's fancies; only the stern Mr. Knightly John Carson offers any reason or restraint. This sprightly adaptation is far superior to the mediocre film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and on par with the ingenious Clueless, which cunningly translates the story to a Beverly Hills high school. The luxurious span of a six-part miniseries gives this version the opportunity to revel in Emma's every deliciously misguided moment. The costumes in the film were designed by Joan Ellacot. However, most of the designs used in this production were well-researched and carefully selected.

As with the other Emmas, the design team chose styles, colors, and accessories to indicate class, age, and personality. Harriet wears youthful, patterned frocks in soft colors and bright bonnets. Emma wears regal styles in sophisticated colors, including an ermine-lined cape and a maroon spencer with appliqued designs. Weston wears somber colors in modest styles. Ioan Gruffudd, Justine Waddell and Charlotte Rampling star in this adaptation of Charles Dickens' enduring classic Great Expectations, the story of a young orphan named Pip who lives with his sister and her blacksmith husband, Joe.

One day Pip is sent to play at the residence of Miss Havisham, a frightening, elderly woman who seems locked in the past. She wears ancient bridal attire and never moves from the dusty upper rooms of her home. Miss Havisham's beautiful but contemptuous ward, Estella, makes Pip feel appallingly inferior, creating in him a desire to better himself—changing his life forever. But despite his efforts to improve himself, the frustrated Pip seems destined to remain Joe's apprentice.

Until one day a lawyer calls to inform Pip that he has "great expectations:" Pip is to be released form his apprenticeship and educated in London as a gentleman! The benefactor who has made this life transformation possible, however, wishes to remain anonymous. Note: At the start of Great Expectations, Pip is aged seven, the year approximately Pip is about 34 years old at the end of the story when he returns to England to see Joe, Biddy and their children, placing the date around Our narrator is telling his story in Behind their neat facades of Victorian propriety, Anthony Trollope's characters are bursting with life.

A flirtatious vicar, two squabbling sisters, an ingenue and her meddling aunt But things take a darker turn when the roguish Colonel Osborne Bill Nighy takes an interest in Emily, and, flattered by the resulting gossip, fans the flames of Louis's jealousy. Novelist Anthony Trollope doesn't have the name recognition of his Victorian contemporary Charles Dickens, but he has all of Dickens's strengths and more--invigorating plots, eccentric characters bursting with life, and an insightful, panoramic view of English society. But when the rakish Col. Osborne Bill Nighy, Love Actually begins to visit her regularly, Louis becomes jealous--and the pressures of Victorian society soon turn this jealousy into an all-consuming possession that could destroy the lives of Louis, Emily, and their young son.

The cast delivers wonderfully comic or heartbreaking performances, but much of this four-episode series' power comes from yet another outstanding adaptation by screenwriter Andrew Davies, who wrote the scripts for such BBC miniseries as Moll Flanders, Vanity Fair, and the hugely popular version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.

The combination of Davies and Trollope results in a work of psychological depth, sly humor, and sheer storytelling mastery--just when you've decided someone is virtuous or odious, that character upends your judgment with an act unexpected yet completely plausible. He Knew He Was Right provides the pleasures of a thriller, a social satire, and a whirling romance. This lavish costume drama in the grand old traditions of the BBC is a fresh and vivid dramatisation of Henry Fielding's ribald and rowdy tale. It follows the life of young Tom, who, as a new-born child, is taken in by the kindly Squire Allworthy.

Reaching adulthood, Tom Max Beesley discovers a penchant for the ladies and he is thrown from his home after a dalliance with a local girl. However, his real love Sophia Samantha Morton marries Tom's loathsome cousin, and so he sets out on a series of adventures and misadventures to win her back. A ribald and rowdy romp through the mansions and taverns of Georgian England.

Henry Fielding's fallen hero bed-hops his way out of a good home and almost into a hangman's noose, via a series of misadventures and misunderstandings. This big budget production boasts a strong supporting cast featuring the likes of June Whitfield and John Sessions. You must take care that they appear so. With tongue firmly in cheek, narrator Henry Fielding John Sessions walks us through this randy satire like a tour guide, proffering introductions and amusing observations as he tours the drama. Beesley is all charm and earthy sincerity as handsome Tom, with Samantha Morton a determined, elegant, and deliciously funny Sophia and red-faced Brit stalwart Brian Blessed Black Adder as her blustery, bellowing pater.

Comparisons to Tony Richardson's hearty interpretation are inevitable: this miniseries favors dry wit and understated asides to Richardson's knockabout comedy and high energy, and it's a delight from start to its improbably and delightfully contrived conclusion. After a wretched childhood, orphaned Jane Eyre yearns for new experiences. She accepts a governess position at Thornfield Hall, where she tutors a lively French girl named Adele. She soon finds herself falling in love with the brooding master of the house - the passionate Mr. Jane gradually wins his heart, but they must overcome the dark secrets of the past before they can find happiness.

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When Jane saves Rochester from an eerie fire, she begins to suspect that there are many mysteries behind the walls of Thornfield Hall. Her fears are confirmed when Rochester's secret past is revealed, destroying her chance for happiness, and forcing Jane to flee Thornfield. Penniless and hungry, she finds shelter and friendship in the shape of a kind clergyman and his family. But she is soon shocked to uncover the deeply hidden truth of her own past. Starring Toby Stephens as Mr. You may think the world doesn't need another adaptation of Jane Eyre--but you're wrong. This new and wonderfully lush Masterpiece Theatre version, directed by Susanna White who directed the equally sumptuous miniseries of Bleak House starring Gillian Anderson , contrasts Jane Eyre's vivid inner life with the harshness of her outer life; both Georgie Henley The Chronicles of Narnia as the young Jane and newcomer Ruth Wilson express the inner vitality of the outcast orphan girl whose spirit captures the heart of the rough, charismatic landowner Mr.

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Stephens, it must be said, is far too conventionally handsome for the part, but he makes up for it by capturing Rochester's abrasive and mercurial temperament. Wilson's looks are perfect; at one moment she seems awkward and homely, at another utterly luminous. Jane Eyre is so often remade because the story is so potent; this production brings all of the novel's juice and passion to the fore, emphasizing the characters' sensual experience while staying true to the restrictions and mores of the period.

All in all, exceptional. Flora Thompson's charming love letter to a vanished corner of rural England is brought to life in this warm-hearted adaptation. Set in the Oxfordshire countryside in the s, this rich, funny and emotional series follows the relationship of two contrasting communities: Lark Rise, the small hamlet gently holding on to the past, and Candleford, the small market town bustling into the future. Seen through the eyes of young Laura, their inhabitants endure many upheavals and struggles as the inexorably change comes; their stories by turns poignant, spirited and uplifting.

And Laura herself must face great change. Taking a job in Post Office in Candleford, run by the mercurial Dorcas, she turns her back on her childhood hamlet to make her way in the world. With her loyalties divided, she must choose her own path to womanhood Amy Dorrit's Claire Foy gentle spirit has never been dampened by the confining walls of the Marshalsea Prison she's lived in her whole life. Despite the dark shadow of debtor's prison, Amy lovingly cares for her father William Dorrit Tom Courtenay , the longest serving inmate.

A possibly redemptive light unexpectedly shines in the form of Arthur Clennam Matthew Macfadyen , who has been left with the intriguing threads of a mystery after his father's death — threads that will intertwine his family and fate with the Dorrits. Clennam's exhaustive search for answers involves murder, fortunes gained and lost, the upper echelons and lowest dregs of society, and most surprising of all, a tender romance.

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This gripping new series brings to life Dickens's powerful story of struggle and hardship in s London. When Arthur Clennam Macfadyen returns to England after many years abroad, his curiosity is piqued by the presence in his mother's house of a young seamstress, Amy Dorrit Foy. His quest to discover the truth about "Little Dorrit" takes him to the Marshalsea Debtors Prison, where he discovers that the dark shadows of debt stretch far and wide. Filled with humorous yet tragic characters, Little Dorrit is a stirring rags to riches to rags story, exposing the underbelly of nineteenth century British society as only Charles Dickens can.

Lorna Doone is a passionate love story set in 17th century rural England, charting the young John Ridd's search for revenge after his father's murder, and the chance encounter with beautiful Lorna Doone that changes the course of his life. Star-crossed lovers, feuding family, royal plots, noble destinies, and salt-of-the-earth heroes.

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