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Le paludisme revient sur la Grande-Comore. Manifestations anti-Sissi: l'Egypte retient son souffle. He comes to this mission, many decades of experience, in the science of listening, interaction and synthesis. Then ousmane issoufi maiga, former Prime Minister, man of action carried on the result, with the grip and authority that are recognized to him, but also with respect for him, including by his opponents. Baba Hakib Haidara and ousmane issoufi maiga, thank you also for giving us the honor to accept! In this work, you will certainly need all of mali as a whole but to coordinate and harmonize this set, a man of experience accompanies you, ambassador cheick sidi diarra whose course for the least glowing advocates in all points for him, there Still to the benefit of the whole country.

And I know, you won't get tired of it. It is not only our wishes that accompany you, it is the whole malian nation, with all its resources without exclusive none, that carries you and supports you! Ladies and gentlemen, All together, we must greet, with deference, this triumvirate of committed and disinterested patriots. We must cheer them and accompany them because without hesitation for a single moment, they have accepted the priesthood. They are the first to know that their mission will be anything but a sinecure. But they are authentically malian, authentically committed to mali and they know that carried out, their mission will consolidate the March of Mali, further will malian democracy that paid the blood price, the disqualifying price of blood.

They know and that's why, I will always be grateful for accepting the mission, which they have hard to do. They have a lot to do between several necessities, all imperative.

Paul Hyacinthe Mben :"Le Mali n’a pas d’argent"

First, shake the coconut tree after three decades of institutional routes. Then avoid throwing the baby with the water of the bath, to use here and for all his pedagogy, the expression of the late me demba diallo. They will also give the word because catharsis, in this case, can be salutary.

But they will have to referee them with tact. Because the debates will have to be orderly and courteous, they will have to be exhausted in a given time to give place to the useful synthesis that the country is waiting for and to which it is entitled. All this will have to be done.

It won't be easy for the arbitral trio. We know what people we are. We know our individual motivations by coming to this dialogue. Ladies and gentlemen, Last may I sent a letter to all political parties, movements and political groupings, civil society, religious and customary authorities, trade unions and autonomous unions to seek their contribution to the outfit of inclusive political dialogue.

Mali : la France met la pression sur les États-Unis

I can rejoice in the reception of quality proposals at the height of the national issues, and which will be used as a basis for the work of the triumvirate. Allow me to thank all those who have provided these proposals and to ask once again their support and support to enrich the debates to come during the inclusive political dialogue. Referees and players, you will be called often to climb the net as much as to keep the goals.

Through this inclusive political dialogue, it will be to inventory the problems that our country is facing with all the actors, and to offer solutions with a timetable and a plan of implementation actions. Your Mission, under my authority, will consist of: - ensure the inclusiveness of political dialogue with all the vivid forces of the nation; - ensure the adherence of all actors to the resolutions and conclusions of the dialogue; - promote the adherence of actors to political and institutional reforms; - to ensure the orientation of inclusive political dialogue; - to know the expectations of all the vivid forces of the nation; - contribute to the appeasement of the social climate; - finding a political consensus for the organization of the elections; - get heard on the fundamental law; - strengthen confidence between the institutions of the republic and the populations; - frame the inclusive political dialogue.

« Des victoires pour le premier semestre 2018 »…

All, you have the desired background and the skills required for the exercise to be driven in the rules of art, in the smart perspective Sustainable, :, applicable, is, time-bound so dear to the Anglo-Saxons Developmentalists. Ladies and gentlemen, I say all this, not to give instructions, nor to guide the seasoned professionals who make up the triumvirate, but to highlight the strategic character of the exercise that we are willing to drive.

It is both a work of correction and reshaping of our democracy that we are invited. We also have to check and strengthen our will to remain a united and solidarity nation, called to take its part in a context of strong competition where only merit will prevail. I had had to say that inclusive political dialogue is part of a lived, that the country had had to organize several strategic reflections on its future and choices. Strong debates have been held all these years whose conclusions deserve to be taken into account during the work that is coming up.

The sitting of decentralization, the national sitting on the north have been so many moments of incubation and results that must be paid to the debate. So it cannot be to sink open doors and your long journey, madam and gentlemen of the triumvirate, will help us to identify the traps of the and unrealistic. My trust in you is total. Mali is counting on you. And mali is right to count on you. Good luck.

Good mission. Good harvest Long live mali united and indivisible, may allah bless mali!

Ibk meets his high representative for the centre of Mali. Came to exchange for the first time with the head of the state since his appointment at this post, the high representative of the president of the republic at his exit of hearing has measured both the importance and difficulty of the task entrusted to him by ibk : " I was honored to be chosen to carry out this mission; because it is difficult, I am called to me, it is probably due to quality.

But beyond that, I receive the mission with humility but also with a lot of determination, with good will. I hope to contribute to the resolution of this problem in the centre of mali With the accompaniment of every malian, from every malian because my country today needs this. So it's a heavy task. I was saying earlier to my brother president that I thought that now I was going to spend the rest of my life in comfort Mentioned Prof. The audience took place in the presence of the Prime Minister, the minister of administration, the Minister Secretary-General of the presidency of the chief of state major of the president of the Republic, of the chief of cabinet of the president of the Republic.