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It brings the adulterer shame. It introduces betrayal into your legacy. It shows your children that your personal pleasure is more important than their security. It brings sorrow to your Christian community. God takes sexual sins very seriously. Adultery without repentance damns the soul 1 Corinthians — Galatians — When Jesus speaks of sexual sins in Matthew —30, he uses strong language — gouge out your eye and cut off your hand.

In other words, be willing to endure pain and loss rather than engage in sexual sin. Marriage must be an unrelenting commitment to an imperfect person. That commitment means a willingness to sometimes be unhappy. Adultery is a mature sin, a deliberate sin.


Guard your spirit. Cherish the everlasting honor that comes from saying no to momentary impulses 1 Thessalonians Run from difficult or tempting situations. Remember that your body is the very temple of the Holy Spirit whom God has given you at great cost to himself I Corinthians — Think of the blessings of marriage. You belong somewhere and with someone.

How to End an Affair

Someone has chosen you and you have had the chance to choose someone for yourself. You will write your own shared history to leave as your legacy. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? The soul that is drinking deeply from his river of delights Psalm is not going to thirst for false joys.

The way to drink deeply from Jesus is through repentance and faith. In repentance you turn away from all sin and turn toward him.

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Will you abide by your own choice? There are no qualifiers, because biblical respect, in one sense, comes with the position, not with the person.

Just Discovered That Spouse Has Had an Affair

You may disagree with his judgment; you may object to the way she handles things—but according to the Bible, their position alone calls you to give them proper respect. Can I retrain my heart? Can I spiritually form my mind to accept them as they are? Yes, I can.

Before The Person :: Relationship Goals (Part 1)

Prayer can be a very practical tool in this regard. Simply practice praying positive prayers for your spouse. Find the five or six things he or she does really well—or even just one or two! Follow up your prayers with comments or even cards that thank your spouse personally for who he or she is. One morning I awoke early and immediately sensed my frustration from the previous evening. We have an issue in our relationship that we had talked to death over the previous two decades. Lisa acknowledged her need to grow in this area, but events of the previous weeks had convinced me that nothing had changed.

Like a lawyer, I recall every slight, every conversation, and prove to my imaginary jury how wrong my wife is and how right I am. That reminded me of something else, which reminded me of something else, which reminded me of yet another quality. After about fifteen minutes, I literally started laughing. I saw so much to be thankful for that it seemed preposterous that I should waste time fretting over this single issue.

Prayers of thankfulness literally form our soul. They very effectively groom our affections. Make liberal use of this powerful tool. We have to give it time—one session of thankfulness will not fully soften a rock-hard heart. But over time, thankfulness makes a steady and persistent friend of affection.

As soon as you begin offering prayers of thankfulness for your spouse, be sure of this: the enemy of your soul and the would-be destroyer of your marriage will remind you where your mate falls short. With your purchase, you also have access to our private Facebook community where you are able to connect with other women who understand where you are.

The Reclaimed 30 Day Devotional is designed to guide you on your journey towards healing and recovery. Get started right now by downloading the first daily devotion for free. Helping Women Heal from the Betrayal of an Affair. Get the Book. Get the Small Group Materials. Find Hope in the midst of chaos and pain. Find Healing from shame, anger, and brokenness. Gain Confidence as you rebuild trust and self worth. Have you been betrayed in your marriage? Do you feel life is out of control?

See a Problem?

Has pornography addiction hurt your marriage? Is a sex addiction controlling your spouse? Have you stumbled upon an emotional affair? Do you feel paralyzed? Will this pain ever go away?

Are you struggling to move past the affair? Do you feel betrayed by God? Hans Molegraaf, Marriage Revolution founder Stephanie has been where you are. Christie Hunter, MA, R. Jessica, Small Group Attendee With the right biblical tools to help me, along with my healing and set safe boundaries in place, my marriage is headed off in the right direction thanks to all that Reclaimed gave to me. Plan for Wholeness We have a simple plan to guide you on starting your journey to healing wholeness.

Step 1.

Helping Women Heal from the Betrayal of an Affair

Purchase the devotional. Step 2. Get plugged into the community.