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Every guy knows a Kevin. If there is one thing horror movies have taught me, it's that bad things always happen in basements and attics, so I always avoid them. I hid this fear until we moved in together. After a week of unpacking she finally asked, "Why are all of the empty boxes in the hallway, and not in the attic?

She looked me straight in the eyes and asked if I was afraid of the attic. Now we use the buddy system when I need something in the basement or the attic. As I am sure many people can relate to, I love my family, but there are certain members that need a lot of explanation before meeting a significant other. My brother needed at least a year of explanation. In hindsight, I should have made it 18 months. I love movies.

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She knew that before we even started dating. What she didn't know, though, was that I love any romantic comedy from the Eighties. I stupidly thought that it wasn't masculine and therefore should be kept secret. I actually wish I had told her sooner, because she has since introduced me to some other gems in the genre like Dirty Dancing and Some Kind of Wonderful.

This is another one that I was simply being closed-minded about. I had a rash of terrible sometimes downright tragic experiences with online dating. I had also been one part of a weird, unhealthy, ultimately unrequited love triangle with a girlfriend and her best friend.

The online dating and love triangle were embarrassing, so I never mentioned them. However, as our relationship went on longer and longer, I felt like I was hiding something from her, which, I guess I was. When I finally told her, she was more concerned with my not telling her than she was about my past.

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  4. In the end, I had nothing to worry about. I certainly suggest exhuming your dating history for your significant other—it's cathartic. All of the women I have ever dated had underwear that never saw the light of day until we were in the leaving-toothbrushes-at-each-other's-place phase.


    Well, I had something similar: An old pair of blue, paint spattered sweatpants that I had cut the legs off to convert into shorts. I kept them from her, not only because I was somewhat embarrassed by them, but I was also afraid she was going to throw them out. I finally broke down and wore them after a particularly long laundry drought. My worst fears were realized: She laughed at them and then persuaded me to throw them out because as she puts it "they were falling down more than they were staying up. Beneath that, I was constantly nervous, self-doubting, and unsure. She saw the cracks in the facade, but I didn't own up to them for a long time.

    Since then, we have confronted our insecurities together and continue to be each other's most vocal cheerleader. Reveal your flaws psychological or otherwise sooner rather than later, it might just separate The One from the rest. Some days are worse than others, and an off day can make me irritable, standoffish, and withdrawn.

    That's a lot for anyone unfamiliar with the disorder to deal with, so I told her about my GAD almost immediately. I even told her about my occasional panic attacks, but I didn't go into detail.


    I wish I had, because when I had my first panic attack in front of her she was blindsided by the ferocity of if. She adapted to the attack quicker than I would have, but I often regret not prepping her more, and earlier. It worked out okay, but it's not fair to your partner if you don't reveal the whole truth. Not only do you want to prepare them for the worst, they want to know how to help should the worst come.

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    By the way, she laughs more than she talks. True story. I'm getting really sick of these. They seem fake.

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