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The result is an emotionally rich and honest novel about making peace with the past—and embracing the future. Leia mais Leia menos. Amy Hatvany is the author of three other novels, including Best Kept Secret. She lives in Seattle with her family. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes.

Compra verificada. This story is told from two points of view - daughter and her mentally ill father. It's also skips between present and past. I think the author handled all that quite smoothly. I found the present day daughter's story boring and unbelievable. It's basically a romance where everyone is good and funny and warm hearted and interested in dating and men. The characters do a lot of winking and smiling. I didn't find the character's single-minded search for her father particularly believable, nor did I find her very likable.

The young daughter is more believable. I found the father the most interesting character and I thought the author did a good job of conveying what it must be like to be mentally off. There's a lot of the same emotion over and over, which also detracted from the story and made it seem more one dimensional that need be.

It's a book which interested me enough to pick it up and then to read it all the way through, and while I had issues with it, I did enjoy it. I thought this was a really great book, and highly well written up until about the last 50 pages.


I really liked the way it highlighted mental illness. David wasn't just a lazy, stubborn character out for himself, he actually had much bigger demons he was dealing with. I found each of the main characters in Eden's initial immediate family to have elements I could sympathize with.

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Possible Spoilers ahead: Of course Eden idilozes her dad and wants to find him and believe in a childlike way that she can change him. Of course Eden's mother wants to shield her daughter from choices she's made and give her the best life she can moving forward. And David. As other readers have said, this book wrapped up too neatly. Now a successful chef who has made a life for herself, Eden is emotionally stuck, she has trust and intimacy issues and with a childlike naivety is convinced that if she can find her father she can rescue him from his demons, certain her mother simply gave up on him too easily.

The search for David forces Eden to face painful truths about her father and his illness as she begins to piece together his life's experiences. It is with compassion that the author invites us into David's disturbed mind. Outwardly his behaviour offers little reason for us to like him but by making us privy to his internal struggles, David is immensely sympathetic. He knows that something isn't right, that he isn't right and genuinely regrets his impulsive behaviours, but he is unable to censor himself. Hatvany gives a voice to those mentally ill persons who are simply unable to comply with treatment, showing that it is perhaps less of a choice than might be expected.

For David, medication is a form of torture and while he loves both Eden and his wife it is not enough to overcome his illness. It is David's battle with mental illness and the consequences for Eden in her relationships that is the feature of this novel but Hatvany also explores related issues like homelessness, psychiatric treatment and advocacy.

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Her research has obviously been meticulous and Hatvany isn't tempted to judge her characters for their perceived failures. She is compassionate and truthful in dealing with very difficult and complicated issues and is not tempted to prescribe solutions. Hatvany could have ended the novel in many ways but she chooses a path that I truly admired. I found Outside The Lines to be a novel that bravely challenges the idea of curable mental illness. It offers an unique perspective of what it means to be mentally ill and how the illness affects the family of the sufferer.

A story that is sure to touch your heart, Outside The Lines is an extraordinary read.

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Feb 29, Celeste Noelani McLean rated it it was ok. Ultimately disappointing. The premise is solid and exciting, and Amy Hatvany clearly has the chops to tackle this subject matter; she handles the characters of David and young Eden with beauty and grace. The treatment of present day Eden, however, feels like it belongs in a completely different book of lesser quality.

The build up of David and young Eden feel organic and authentic. While heavy handed, even the cooking scenes seemed to fit somehow. Without that feel of authenticity, the present Ultimately disappointing.

Without that feel of authenticity, the present day cooking scenes felt belaboured and the characters surrounding Eden all felt like caricatures or stereotypes. Eden's idealistic but wealthy, fortunately for the final scene boyfriend ties up the lessons to be learned in tidy little bows and I didn't feel like Eden had to stretch very far as a character. Even her big "explosion" at her mother seemed to fall flat. The absolute worst part of this book was a literary tic that Hatvany displayed when trying to convey a sense of On a few occasions, characters would say something - and I don't have the direct quotes here but this is pretty dang close - with their chins lowered to their chests.

The first time, it seemed weird. The second time? Okay maybe that's what this one character does. Got it. But when other characters did the same thing, it was a giant throbbing thumb. With that being said, I will be seeking out other Amy Hatvany works, because the bits in this book that work, work beautifully.

And even for all my issues with the book, I am very glad to have read it. View all 3 comments. Oct 13, T. Greenwood rated it it was amazing. Amy is a friend of mine, and I have been reading her novels for years now. She consistently delivers flawed but lovable protagonists who struggle with credible and meaningful issues, and her latest, Outside the Lines, is no exception. This novel tells the story of Eden West, a young woman whose artist father is waging a losing battle with mental illness and substance abuse.

When she is ten years old, her father's failed suicide attempt ends in her parents' divorce and his departure from her Amy is a friend of mine, and I have been reading her novels for years now. When she is ten years old, her father's failed suicide attempt ends in her parents' divorce and his departure from her life.

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Now, at thirty, she is trying desperately to find him again and to piece together those lost years. In this quest for her lost father, she finds the answers to many other unanswered questions as well. The novel is told from Eden's point of view, but it also offers glimpses into David West's world as well. I found this narrative decision really helped to give depth to David's character and create a sympathy for him that I might not otherwise experience. I loved the details about Eden's job as a chef, the love story that develops simultaneously with the mystery, and the ending which is so, so satisfying without ever being too pat or tidy.

Lovely job I suspect this book is going to be a favorite among book clubs. Feb 24, Trevor rated it really liked it Shelves: , fiction , tears-were-shed , worth-a-reread , dl. But it was so worth it. The ending is predictable but aren't they pretty much all? I also loved his confirmation that he never stopped caring for Eden, because love is not diminished by an abnormal brain; love cannot be erased by someone who doesn't know any better.

This is a very worthwhile read. Highly emotional, but definitely satisfying.

More than your average domestic fiction, I am so glad I decided to give this a chance. Nov 26, Amy rated it it was amazing. If you had a parent that was constantly unreliable and then one day disappears altogether, would you spend your precious time searching for him? This is exactly what Eden does, and ends up encountering on the way much more than she ever expected to.

Amazon: When Eden was ten years old she found her father, David, bleeding out on the bathroom floor. Since childhood, she has heard from him only rarely, If you had a parent that was constantly unreliable and then one day disappears altogether, would you spend your precious time searching for him?

It visits intense issues, such as the dynamics of family relationships, coping with a parent who suffers from mental illness, fears of abandonment and the boundaries of love. Before David tries to commit suicide, there are multiple times he walks out on Eden and her mother. She knows deep down inside he will get better, and be the daddy he used to be.


But he keeps proving her wrong. What a heavy burden for a child to carry. But that all changes when Eden starts volunteering at the homeless shelter and meets Jack. I admire Eden for taking a chance on learning to love again. Outside the Lines is a diamond in the ruff that touched me deeply.

It is a spellbinding story filled with romance, heartache, love, tenderness and compassion. Jan 06, Laura Kay Bolin rated it it was amazing. Growing up Eden had loved and adored her father, David. Twenty years have gone by since that fateful day when David left her, abandoned her…without as much as a word.

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After her mother battles breast cancer, Eden realizes she needs to find him. She begins searching homeless shelters.