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Everything has been thought of, it seems and the book is capable of building up your confidence when it might not actually exist. At this stage you might be panicking about how to make the pastry… that is "hidden" in the middle of the book one understands why, but it seems an odd choice. The two columns contain the ingredients list with dual measures! It seems a short-sighted omission that not every recipe gets its own photograph - it doesn't need to be a full page affair, even a small passport-sized image would just be the icing on the, err, cake, so to speak.

This is a very good, comprehensive basic book that everyone who has considered making pies but never got around to it should consider.

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It may well lead to a pie addiction. DK is, through this book, managing to show generations of new cooks what they might not have learned by their mother's side.

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Us older hands still have things to learn. Even if pies are not part of your country's typical food culture, you should find something here that will start your addiction. There's not a lot more that one can say. A great book needs no superlatives. It just needs being purchased and used to the max! Whether you call it a cookery book, cook book, recipe book or something else in the language of your choice YUM will provide you with news and reviews of the latest books on the marketplace.

Nov 25, Natlukens rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfic-etc. I am making the Blueberry Cream Cheese tart pg to take to my in-laws Thanksgiving celebration this year.

I was tempted to also make the Apple Tart Tatin, but I am already making 2 other pies. I really like the instructions and detail in the beginning about different crusts and how to form them. This is a great collection of recipes for anyone who needs ideas on new pie flavors to make.

Really nice to have color photos on most recipes, and a little history on what exactly is being made. Aug 23, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: , cooking.

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This is a book that pleasantly surprised me - the variety of options from meats to chicken to vegetarian and sweet pies makes this book well worth investing in! We are avid pie and pasty people, this book makes me excited about all the options leading into this fall!! Dec 05, Freda Mans-Labianca rated it it was amazing Shelves: baking. Awesome recipes! I personally made the classic apple pie and was impressed with the balance of tart to sweet.

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Highly recommend to pie-makers! Mar 04, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: food-cookbooks , nonfiction. Reading up for Pi Day. This cookbook has a lot of interesting recipes, but I would have liked a picture with each one. Aug 10, Rosabelle rated it really liked it Shelves: cookbook , nonfiction.

Beautiful pictures.


I only made one of the recipes plum crumble, I think it was? Jan 25, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very in depth view of pies. Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Chris rated it really liked it Jun 08, Sarita Simon rated it did not like it Jul 15, Dana rated it really liked it Jul 11, Todd Booth rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Abigail rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Meg Dean rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Marleene rated it really liked it Jul 18, Maria rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Pinky rated it liked it Oct 03, Emily rated it liked it Jun 13, Zeke rated it liked it Sep 06, Marianthi rated it liked it Jan 08, Desti Nurhayati rated it did not like it Jan 11, Amylou rated it liked it Apr 01, Serafina rated it it was amazing Dec 09, If you have 11 to get through, you might as well start early.

Who says you need crinkling leaves underfoot to enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie?

You can't ignore this rich no-frills classic—even in March. Not all pies tug at your sweet tooth—this roasted rutabaga- and carrot-loaded creation being a prime example. Store-bought puff pastry helps it come together in a flash. This pie is for those who know that Girl Scout cookies are the real seasonal spring produce.

You'll find tequila in both the silky custard base and zesty lime whipped cream , but it's likely not enough to get you tipsy. That is, unless you commit to the whole pie. Don't worry, this is a judgment-free holiday.

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Savory herbs like lemon verbena, rosemary and thyme give this pie a sophisticated edge. And meringue makes everything better, especially when charred to toasty perfection with a handheld blowtorch. This meal-in-a-pie is as comforting as it sounds. A small chicken works in a pinch if you can't get your hands on a guinea fowl.

It might sound like a snack, but this hearty chili con carne pie loaded with crunchy corn chips might lull you into a holiday siesta.

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  • Without the perfect crust, a pie is just a sad bowl of pudding. There's no food processor needed for our go-to recipe: just your own two hands and plenty of ice-cold butter. If you don't have kaffir lime on hand, feel free to leave it out, but it adds something special to an otherwise-basic but perfectly pillowy meringue. This free-form version of the classic is as American as.

    Slice it like a pizza and dig in with your hands to match the nonconforming attitude.